Sr. Rachel Bergschneider, Personal assistant to the Assistant Director

What is your role and responsibilities?
My role in the Jobs Partnership program is to help facilitate the MRT program for both female and male inmates at the Peoria County Jail. I am also responsible for the overall preparation details in the weekly meetings with the inmates.

What is your background and qualifications?
My background is primarily education. I have taught from primary to adults in a church setting. In that experience I have engaged much time in counseling, both individual and group settings.  

Who or what inspires to do the work you do in Jobs Partnership?
My inspiration in participating in their work is my commitment to following the message of Jesus who asks us to support those in prison. I believe that, no matter the circumstances in one’s life, our faith calls us to be of service to offer hope to each other. 

What is your vision or goals for the future of Jobs Partnership?
I share the vision of those who participate in helping with this program that giving every person the opportunity to change and experience a new way of life outside prison walls can substantially contribute to eliminating the need for incarnation.