family restoration

Family Restoration is a program developed for spouses, significant others and children of individuals currently incarcerated in the Peoria County Jail.  The goal is to reduce the negative effects and treat the trauma that has impacted those incarcerated and their families.

Family Restoration targets the negative effects of incarceration on the family unit. Families of those incarcerated struggle to meet basic needs. 2.7 million children (3.6%) of the youth population have one or both parents incarcerated.

Families have been called the “hidden victims” of incarceration because being in jail not only affects the individual sitting in cell, but it affects the entire family of that individual.  Family Restoration will offer a holistic approach to criminal offender re-entry by providing peer support, soft skills training and lessons to the entire family.

Family Restoration is designed to get all family members working together to increase family satisfaction.*

*Meetings are held monthly, please contact Jobs Partnership for more information.