solar training

Candidates that are recruited and trained in the Solar Pipeline Training Program are first enrolled in a 4-week soft skills training program that is administered by Jobs Partnership. Participants that are recruited by Jobs Partnership are individuals that have either a felony arrest in their background or they are an individual that was raised in foster care. We feel this is a demographic that has historically been skipped over when economic opportunities have come to the Peoria area.  Our soft skills training contains elements specifically designed to address issues that plague this people group and provide a support structure that will give them the resources they need to be successful in a new career.  For many of our students the idea of having a career that allows them to make enough money to actually support a family has been an elusive dream.  However, providing a job without providing the attendant supports to make them successful at that job often times just intensifies the cycle of failure.

Following the soft skills training, those that graduate are then funneled into the 5 Week technical skills training program at Illinois Central College (ICC).  As soft skills providers we continue to offer supports to the participants as they work through the program (tutoring, family support, transportation assistance etc.).  One of our job coaches regularly attends class with the students so they can monitor their progress and be aware of any underlying issues that may hamper the success of our recruits.

At graduation from the ICC portion of the program our students are prepared to take the NABCEP exam which is a vital step in becoming a certified solar installer. Interviews are then arranged with solar companies that have agreed to hire out of our program. 

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