Charles Keeton, Assistant Director

What is your role and responsibilities?
I teach and oversee classes at the Peoria County Jail and South Side Mission by making sure all presentations are organized and ready to go. I also take attendance, so that if some are missing, I am able to follow up with the guards to find out why they aren’t in class. With this job, I am responsible for initiating and sustaining relationships with current inmates, staff and program volunteers. It’s also part of my responsibility to recruit new men for the class, once a prior class graduates. Along with my responsibilities at Peoria County Jail, I teach at Illinois River Correctional Center and Kewanee Life Skills Prison. I will also attend meetings with Cheryl Parks, our Executive Director.

Some ways that I am able to show support and sustain relationships with participants of our program, is by attending hearings and sometimes be called on to be a witness on their behalf.

Once released, I further assistant these men by finding them employment and checking in with them and their employer on the job. As a way to keep them accountable, before connecting them with job opportunities, I implement a drug test. If no drugs are present in their system, then we move forward in the employment assistance. If their system is positive for drugs, I encourage them to stop drug use and return at a later date for another test.

Sometimes things come up that may not be described in my job description. When it does, I do whatever else I’m needed to do!

What is your background and qualifications?
I have a bachelors from the University of South Carolina at Beaufort, SC. I served in the united State Marine Corps.  While in the Marine Corps I carried out several duties while in charge of many marines. I served as a volunteer for PJP for 10 years, prior to being a member of the staff.

Who or what inspires to do the work you do in Jobs Partnership?
First and foremost, it’s the love of God that inspires me to love my brothers and sisters. What I do for Jobs Partnership is a result of his love in me.

What is your vision or goals for the future of Jobs Partnership?
I know it is the love of God that operates in Jobs Partnership. From the Board of Directors, staff  and into all the volunteers. My vision is that those who will join us in the future will also operate in that love, that God will get the Glory for all we do! Having said that; I want us to grow exponentially, that more men and women will receive the revelation of God in their lives.